Erik ORION, the self-proclaimed World's greatest unknown
investigative journalist / inventor strikes again!


You will be amazed when you learn who these famous "allegedly"
dead celebrities are now...


I'm claiming that the following celebrities faked their deaths most likely to recover the proceeds from their multi-million dollar insurance policies' & or to escape legal troubles, tax liens or to establish a new identity just for fun:

Michael Rockefeller, Freddie Prinze, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Andy Kaufman, John Belushi, John Candy, Sam Kinison, River Phoenix, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley & David Bowie.

"Attention dead celebrities; If you would like to remain anonymous
maybe we can work something out?" Cash talks...

Here's a "freebie" to get your attention.

I'm claiming that Michael Rockefeller faked his death for the insurance money & became Tom Hanks.


Here's another "freebie" just for the hell of it.


I'm claiming that Roseanne Barr is really John Belushi.


Here's another "freebie" to show you that my info is for real.


Freddie Prinze Sr. faked "her" death for the insurance money
& became Geraldo Rivera.


Here's another "freebie" to prove that I am the World's greatest
unknown investigative journalist / inventor as I proclaim to be.


#1 I'm claiming that Elvis Presley was really an LGBT transgender woman pretending to be a man. Furthermore, Elvis was raised by Communist/Socialist transgender parents whereas Elvis's alleged father was really an LGBT transgender Freemason butch lesbian bull-dyke woman pretending to be a man. Elvis's alleged mother was really a fat, LGBT transgender Freemason man pretending to be a woman. Priscilla Presley is really a Communist C.I.A. / Scientology controlled Freemason LGBT pretty-face, transgender man pretending to be a woman, just like his son Lisa Marie Presley. No shit.


Watch as Elvis transforms into Andy Kaufman with only a nose-job.

Watch as Elvis aka; Andy Kaufman transforms into Adam Schiff
right before your eyes'.


Here's Elvis impersonating Andy Kaufman who is doing
an impersonation of himself, Elvis. Huh?

Here's the young, thin Elvis performing "Love Me."

Elvis fooled the entire world except me, when he faked his death & became Andy Kaufman.

Elvis aka: Andy Kaufman faked his death again & became Adam Schiff.

Andy Kaufman did an amazing Elvis impersonation because he was really Elvis! If you close your eyes' & listen to Kaufman impersonating Elvis you'll know it's really Elvis singing.



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